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Producer of PVC Wall Panels & False Ceiling


MIDDLE EAST FARAYAND COMPOSITE Company was established in 2016 and set up a factory for the production of decorative polymeric products related to the construction industry in an area of 5000 square meters located in East Isfahan Industrial City (Segzi) and in the first phase starts production line of wall coverings panels and false ceilings The company has been able to develop its products nationwide (with more than ten active agents) and export to neighboring countries like Iraq and Pakistan with the help of experienced and committed managers, expert staff and experienced workers, producing high quality products at competitive prices. And so we get closer to our primary goal, which is customer satisfaction.

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Several advantages in a product:
> Stylish and beautiful
> Lightweight and durable
> Simple and fast installation
> Affordable and economical
> In two types of plain white and coated with wood design
> With two types of two-channel and three-channel rails
> Has the ability to paint in plain white

Our New Product

​​PVC Decorative Curtain Cornice+Rail

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No.41 , Third sub. East Third St. Mokhaberat Sq. East Isfahan Industrial Town (Segzi) , 25km of Isfahan-Nayin Road , Isfahan, Iran

Factory Tel : 00983146413018

Factory Fax : 00983146413017

Managing Director: 00989131136205  Abdolali Nourinia

تولیدکننده انواع دیوارپوش های PVC

Producer of PVC Wall Covering panels

منتج لتغطیة الجدران و الأسقف الزائفة من PVC