Advantages of PVC Wall Panels   

PVC wall coverings and veneers are the newest type of interior wall coverings that have gained a lot of fans because of their many beauty and benefits. Synthetic polymers are obtained by radical polymerization of vinyl chloride monomer. PVC is a hard plastic that is soft and flexible by adding lubricants.
Prior to the introduction of PVC wall paneling, an aluminum panel called Dampa was used which had prominent features such as high running speed and reasonable price and faster access to installations as false ceilings but due to its weaknesses Loss of elasticity after opening and closing several times and not being resistant to moisture and water, and in cases of loss of appearance, required a panel that no longer had these weaknesses. It's gone and replaced with the numerous benefits of PVC panels. This modern wall covering has been able to attract many consumers and stop consumption of Dampa.

Advantages of PVC wall covering
In this case, we have the following:
- Easy installation without the need for high speed infrastructure and execution
- Very affordable and affordable price
- Diversity and diversity for consumers with over a dozen different designs
- Antibacterial and anti-insecticides
- Resistant to moisture absorption
- Heat insulation and prevent heat loss and cooling of the sound insulation structure
- Lack of deformation over the years
- High strength and resistant to sudden and local impacts
- Ability to apply curved surfaces due to the flexibility of PVC wall coverings
- They are very light and high quality, which makes the building lighter.
- Extremely long life span
- Resistant to building cracks
- Suitable for use in gyms, offices, factories, hotels, homes, schools, etc.
- Reduce the cost of painting the building over many years

ـ These wall coverings should not be exposed to direct sunlight. For this reason, they do not need repair until they are exposed to direct sunlight or sharp objects.
ـ The durability and service life of PVC walls are long. Therefore, additional costs such as replacement and painting are reduced each year. If a small part of the wall is damaged, only that point can be replaced.
ـ Use of PVC wall coverings after finishing the building rigid phase is another advantage of this type of wall coverings. For this reason, it can save on the costs used to buy additional materials and speed up the completion of the building.
استفاده Due to the sliding connections and connectivity, the use of PVC panels has been facilitated.
It is possible to clean and wash space. However, be careful not to use non-acid detergents, as PVC coatings react strongly to acids.
- PVC walls can hide equipment used indoors, such as plumbing, electrical wiring, cable, etc., and therefore play an important role in the beauty of the environment. They do.

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